Black Bear

We are creatures of habit and wildlife are no different. I came across this medium size black bear, brown in colour, walking and stopping to get a mouthful as he went along. From past experience I had a sense what route he would be taking, I went ahead and waited for him with the window down. I could not see him, but I could see the shrubs moving as he passed by them and on occasion the sounds he made when touching the shrubs. With no one else in the area, the chances were good he was heading toward me. The hope was when he went up the short incline near me, he would see me and give me a quick look before passing by me. My goal was to have the camera focused on his face and get a picture of him  looking toward the camera. That evening it played out just as I hoped.

Black Bear 180831 Amar Athwal.jpg

Wild Sunflower

Flowers that are left, their days are numbered as cool weather moves in. A few weeks back on a hot sunny day I was out taking pictures of wild sunflowers. Moving back and forth to get a few good pictures of the flowers and a background to complement them.

Wild Sunflower 170829 Amar Athwal.jpg


Middle of the day in the forest this grizzly mother and her two cubs walking, searching for food. Stopping to dig for roots, eating berries they came across and other vegetation. With no threat in the area, the cubs often lingered behind their mom, playing and eating. 

Grizzly 180826 Amar Athwal.jpg

Spotted Sandpiper

I get lots of bird pictures each year, particularly during the bird season. Because I get so many chances, I tend to have higher standards for what I consider a good bird picture. After taking pictures of birds for several years, I'm always thinking about the pictures I do have and try to get a picture of the same quality or better. In the case of this Spotted Sandpiper, I have a handful of very good pictures of them, but not one of them on a branch. In this case I ended up one afternoon middle of several families of Spotted Sandpipers, they were not happy with me being there. With camera in hand, I was making my way through the area, I just had to stop for a few seconds to get this picture. I took one step back to get the branches to the right into the frame, for me it made the picture that much better.  A second after the bird was off the branch, I moved on and the birds were calm again.

Spotted Sandpiper 180824 Amar Athwal.jpg


Large male grizzly spotted walking near the edge of the forest. Bears at this time are spread out, searching for food. They have about two months to go before some will start looking to go to sleep. Not much food can be found bottom of the valleys, higher up in the meadows where food comes later, are places where the bears are searching. Adding on weight to survive the coming winter, half pregnant females adding on weight to be able to give birth in January.

Grizzly 180822 Amar Athwal.jpg

93 South

I'm an early riser and even if I was not, I would be with all the beautiful things nature has shown me before most other two legged mammals wake up and get ready for a new day. Long time ago I made an important decision, not just get up early on my days off to go for a hike or take pictures of a sunrise. But to do it everyday so my mind and body gets used to it. I'm so used to it now, even if I try sleeping in, it's hard getting back to sleep with the mind wondering what I might be missing. Weeks before the wildfires started in Kootenay NP, I was heading in to do an early hike to locate birds. I was welcomed into the park from Banff with a beautiful sunrise, I made a quick stop side of the empty road and took few pictures before making my way to the trail head.

93 South 180817f Amar Athwal.jpg

Black Bear

Shepherd canadensis are their official name, but also called buffalo berry, soapberry, and by a few other names. The plant has edible berries, usually in red, but also seen in yellow and orange colours. Found across Canada, the shrub grows from a meter to two meters tall, grows in dry to moist woods, on sandy, rocky and in gravelly soils. Out here it blooms in May to June and the berries ripen in July. Elk, deer and bighorn sheep consume the leaves, while some birds and mammals eat the berries. The later includes both the brown and the black bear.

Black Bear 180810 Amar Athwal.jpg


Six month old grizzly cub, enjoying its first summer. Every day is a new challenge, everyday security provided by it's mother. It will spend 3 to 4 years with its mother, learning what to eat and how to be safe. 

Grizzly 180807 Amar Athwal.jpg

Mountain Goat

This kid was just few weeks old when the picture was taken. Getting to spend sometime near the bottom of the valley, with its mother nearby. Most of its time will be spent much higher up, where it's safe from most predators. 

Mountain Goat 180806 Amar Athwal.jpg

Mountain Goat

In wildlife for many species, including for the mountain goats, the female looks after their  young from the day they are born to the day they are on their own. The nanny will give birth away from others, when the kid can get around the two will seek the company of others. The kid will never be too far from the nanny. The nanny will help the kid with food, help it learn to climb, nanny using their eyes to help guide the kid through a safe route on a side of a mountain. So the least a kid can do is provide it's mother a place to rest her head for a few seconds on a hot day.

Mountain Goat 180803 Amar Athwal.jpg

Pileated Woodpecker

Few times I went to watch the Pileated Woodpecker's nest, it was first used last year. There was some work done on the nest before woodpeckers started using it this year. I would be challenged by the mosquitos whenever I went to take pictures of the family. Each time I would wait for a short while for the adults to get the food and feed the nestlings. It will be interesting to see if the nest gets used next year.

Pileated Woodpecker 180730 Amar Athwal.jpg