My Wait at Herbert Lake

Waiting is a big part of nature photography. From experience, photographer can have some level or accuracy forecasting what may take place, but nature will always have the final say. My hope was to go north of Herbert Lake to take pictures of sunrise and then go for a hike. But the very dark clouds moving in from the west made me pull over into the parking lot by Herbert Lake. The time when sunrise was to take effect came and passed without making a change in the sky, I decided to stand  against a tree, waiting and watching the two adult Common Loons feeding the juvenile in the lake. 

 Then it all started to come together, light coming through creating a wonderful reflection on the still water of the lake and dark clouds creating a dramatic effect. Once I was finish with the landscape, I got a chance to take pictures of the juvenile loon that paid a visit near where I was standing earlier. To end my time at the lake, as I was taking pictures of the loons heavy rain drops start to fall on the still water, creating what sounded like musical notes with each drop.

Until next moment,