Mountain Bluebird

I was heading for a location to shoot a sunset when I noticed a bird flying from the bottom of a young spruce to its top. I was the only one on the road, no other car visible, I slowed down to see what bird it was. It was a Mountain Bluebird, a juvenile. Looking at it from the driver seat was difficult to separated it from the cloudy blue sky, thinking, would it be still perched there while I grabbed my camera from the back seat. I took a chance, parked the car off the road and using the car as a blind grabbed my camera and started shooting from a standing position to get a greener background. Within minutes vehicles  from both direction were coming to my location, could hear them slowing as those inside them I'm sure were trying to figure out what I was shooting. Before they got close enough to stop, I was in my car to keep my appointment, after all sunset waits for no one.

Until next moment,