Banff 124

November 2009 came in quietly and ended the same way. It was 124 years ago from that month, a large step was taken to have Banff become the first National Park in Canada. Around the Cave and Basin National Historic Site and other springs on the side of Sulphur Mtn started a 26 square km Hot Springs Reserve.

 Today Parks Canada represents number of incredible special places, representing natural and cultural heritage for all Canadians, and for visitors from around the world. Our cultural heritage  connects us with hundreds of years of nation building and thousands of years of human history and our natural heritage representing millions if not billions year of natural history, everyday reminding us what we are part of.

 Our definitions of parks and sites are  always evolving, with each generation adding its value. Together looking after these special places, so the future generations can make the same connections with the natural and cultural world. Happy birthday Banff National Park.

Until next moment,