Black capped Chickadees

Remember as a kid getting your favorite treat. The excitement could not be contained, you jumped for joy with each bite. That's the way I thought the black-capped chickadees were behaving as they went from shrub to shrub, eating  buds after buds. Putting themselves into all sorts of body positions, some too fast for my eyes to see.

 With 12-15cm in size and 9-14g in weight, they are always busy looking for food, in order to survive the long winters. On cold nights they are able to reduce their temperature by up to 10-12 degree Celsius, to conserve energy.

 About six birds were going right to left, I stayed few meters ahead capturing them in all sort of positions,  as we enjoyed the warmth from the sun. I must have taken well over hundred shots, as always only few were worth keeping. I like to share four pictures with you today.

Until next moment,