Bohemian Waxwing

It was about three weeks, when we were not thinking about the deep freeze. It was much simpler time, about zero degree when I came across about 30 Bohemian Waxwings on the Admin. grounds. They would fly onto the tree that contain the energy rich food, not all at once, some would be eating while others could be heard on the nearby trees.  They would take the fruit by their bills and swallow it whole, pause and take a another. They were going at the tree like if there was  going to be no tomorrow.

 I visited the same spot the following day, and could not locate a single fruit on the tree, just what was left on  the ground. It was fun watching them, except they were making me hungry, thought about joining them, but waited to eat my apple instead. I spent about a half hour watching them, and taking pictures. Every five minutes or so I would take a step closer to them to get a better picture, they were comfortable with me and went about their business, left them, visually content.

Until next moment,