Birds at Johnson Lake

Was at Johnson Lake taking pictures of the sunrise. As I was doing that I saw a Pileated Woodpecker fly above me, heading for the Town of Banff for its morning coffee. When I was done, a smaller woodpecker went by, which I could not I.D.. I decided then to stay in the area and see what the morning light would bring to the forest.

 I was glad I stayed, as I got to work on my hands and eye coordination taking pictures of the Mountain and Black-capped Chickadees that came out to play and eat. First I would observe the direction they were moving and what they were doing. Then I would find a spot  and wait for them to come toward me. They chickadees were moving fast , but soon after I was able to join their rhythm and get the pictures I wanted. When they moved on I would find a another spot and start the process again. I was hopping to get the two species in the same shot, I came close bout not close enough.

 Brown Creepers and a Red breasted Nuthatch paid a visit, but that's not all. As I was about to leave, I looked up and saw two Bald Eagles few kilometers above me riding the wind. To let us know spring was on its way.