Boom Lake

It was a blue bird day, decided to hike to Boom Lake. The snow on the trail was packed well from previous users, providing great traction. When reaching about a kilometer into the hike, I passed a high school group having a break. They were all on skis, the trail was excellent for it. I nodded as I passed them and after another 4 kilometers I was at the lake.

 It was bright, the Sun was sending rays of vitamin D in all direction. I quickly got my gear out and started to click away with my camera. I wanted to get my pictures before the school group reached the lake. After five minutes I followed snowshoes tracks, on top of the lake to get pictures from different viewpoints. The group had still not arrived, Clark Nutcrackers were keeping me company with their calls.

 After about 40 minutes I decided to head out, no sign of the school group. From the ski tracks on the trail I found out the group had turned back after going for another kilometer or so. Its too bad, they missed a beautiful day at Boom Lake.

Until next moment,