From the Bow River

It was another great day in the park, we're very lucky to get 365  of those a year. I was in the Lake Louise area, enjoying a cool sunny day. Walking around in knee deep snow, great way to exercise, thinking about opening up classes and perhaps calling the program "Deep Snow Workout".

 I got onto Bow Valley Parkway, to make my way home, taking short glances at Mount Temple. Big blue sky, with just a touch of clouds, the mountains and the trees covered by snow, classic winter day in the Rockies. Stopped my car on the provided spaces along the parkway, crossed the road and then crossed the railway tracks.

 Walked right on to the frozen and snow covered Bow River. Beautiful little spot, was able to take number of pictures  with various compositions. Attached is one of those pictures I was able to take at the site.

Until next moment,