On Helen Lake Trail

Was headed toward Waterfowl Lake to enjoy the afternoon. The weather was changing that day, with cold, wind and snow in the forecast for the next few days, so I wanted to make most of that day. Got on my favorite road, Icefields Parkway. Could spend a lifetime there.  As I was getting near the Crowfoot Glacier lookout, started wondering what the glacier would look like from the Helen Lake trail that day. The seed was planted, I decided to go up Helen Lake trail instead, Waterfowl Lake would have to wait.

Parked the car at the Crowfoot Glacier lookout and started to walk toward the trail head . Few times my feet went through the snow as I tried to stay on the used part of the trail by skiers and snowshoers. With my snowshoes at home, hoped the snow would be packed to carry my weight until. Every few minutes one or both of my feet would go through the snow, a ratio I could live with. Pushed my way as fast as I could go, the snow would be too soft in the open to go further, might as well get a good workout before getting

Reached the open area and did not take long before my legs were covered by the snow, made my way to an area where the wind had blown most of the snow. As I drank and ate, I heard human voices coming from higher elevation. Set up my tripod and went to work with the camera, as the voices got closer. Crowfoot Glacier was not doing it for me, the light was not right, stated to move the camera when I could  hear the sounds of skies and voices just behind me. Looked back and was greeted by one of the skier teleing toward me. We exchanged words about the beautiful day and he mentioned they had spotted a Lynx about 100 meters above me. We said good-by as they went down the trail and I started thinking about the Lynx.

I would have gone further up if I had my snowshoes, the snow was too deep even for my size 11.5 boots. Lynx and I would meet another day.  I was able to get few good pictures of the valley, before I made my way down the trail.

Until next moment,