Barn Swallows

I decide to stop at Bow Lake for a rest before heading home. It had been a long fun day, but I needed a treat before driving further. Dropped into the Num-Te-Jah Lodge for a chocolate bar and head for the shore of the lake for a rest. As I approached the shore there were few visitors taking picture of the view and of themselves, but I was distracted by this “me me me” (that's what my ears heard) sound. Looked to my left and saw four juvenile Barn Swallows sitting on the end of a leaning short dead tree.

 Quickly I put away the chocolate and started to go through my bag for the camera and zoom lens. The parents of the juveniles were flying around and catching food, and then would feed the young ones. They in turn would make this “me me me” sound and open their mouths when the parents would come near. I was not sure how long before the juveniles would fly away, so I was in a hurry. Just as I was about to take pictures, a little girl came over to me and asked if I could take picture of her and her mother and older sister. I looked over at the birds, and said to girl I would be happy to and snapped two pictures with the lake and Crowfoot Glacier behind them.

I then grabbed my camera, standing about four meters from the birds, separated by pool of water, started to take pictures. Got few pictures of the parents feeding with the insects they caught, before a sparrow landed near the juveniles and all four took to the air. But luckily for me they were all back in few minutes and I got busy. Moved little bit to right and left to find a spot that would give me the best pictures. Spend about twenty minutes taking the picture of the birds and one picture of human family.

Until next moment,