Barrow's Goldeneyes

We all have special places we like to go to and let life pass by, while we let our brain wonder. One of my place is the Pilot Pond. It was late afternoon and I was on my way home, when I decided to stop by. As I walked toward it, I could hear the sound of the toads. Walked along the east side of the pond, pair of Mallard and Barrow's Goldeneyes moved away from the shore as I passed by. 

 Checked the whole pond to see what was out there, there was one Common Loon, two Bufflehead, four Mallards and four adult and one male juvenile Barrow's Goldeneyes. Set my camera and lens on the tripod and sat down under a spruce and waited to see if any of the Barrow Goldeneyes would come back to the log in the water they had moved away from. As I watched the goldeneyes go about their business on the other side of the pond, Osprey few by. Some time passed as the goldeneyes were slowly getting back to the log. Heard the call of the Bald Eagle few times, which I was not able to locate it. 

 One of female goldeneye was not impressed with the juvenile, forcing it away from the pair everytime it would come near. Same pair slowly headed for the log, as I relaxed and looked on. The pair reached the log, with the female getting on top of the log. The male soon followed, shook some of the water off its feathers as I took pictures. Kept taking pictures as pair spent about 10 minutes on the log.

Until next moment,