Marble Canyon

1993 was the year I moved to Banff, after about two weeks I knew where I would spent rest of my life. The mountains had hold of me and were not going to let me go. This hold, this connection has only gotten stronger over the years. I not only want to be surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, I also want to capture it with my camera. The more time passes from my last walk on a trail with my camera, the more my off balance I feel. 

 This was the case when over the last several days I was away form the Rockies for couple of reasons. On my day back, responsibilities kept me away form the trails, but I have made up for it since then. This morning I was up at 4:30 AM and off to Kootenay Park, to see Marble Canyon. Along the way I stopped to take pictures of the warm colours coming up with the sunrise, but it was the melt water I wanted to see at the canyon. As I made my way on the trail, sounds of Robins, White crowned Sparrows, Dark eyed Junkos kept me company. I reached my spot and the water was in full force, shaping its surrounding. Soon started to take pictures one after another as American Dipper went about feeding and picking up construction material for its nest. I was home.

Until next moment,