Mount Hector

Was standing on top of Mount St Piran on a hot summer day, with beautiful view all around including that of Lake Louise below. Started taking pictures of the nearby mountains, kept the camera away from the Bow Valley as distance fire smoke was passing through. Looked to the  north and there in the distance was Mount Hector. But there was light smoke in the way, but I thought I could still get a decent picture of Mount Hector. Been looking at Mount Hector for years, every time I get on and off HWY 93 North. Taken number of pictures as well. 

 But only recently I was informed of its local name by friends, Snoopy. Now every time I see it, the first word that comes to my mouth is Snoopy. For those who are unable to see it, like me for all those years. The very highest part of the mountain looks like Snoopy sleeping on its back, with the "nose" being the highest part of the mountain. Wonder if James Hector who was appointed geologist on the Palliser Expedition that went through the area and who the mountain is named after, would have minded the local name? Wonder if he had a beagle as a pet?

Until next moment,