Red Paintbrush

When I'm trying to take pictures of flowers, I'll try to get myself to eye level with the flowers before taking the picture. As well looking for space behind the flowers and the background, trying to make the flowers stand out. Its great when I spot flowers on a side of a slope, easier for me to look up and take the picture. Otherwise I'll lay on the ground and get the picture I want. Not a big deal when it its by or near a trail, away from the general public. To get the attached picture, I was laying down on the side of the road in a ditch. Safe from the vehicles that on occasion went by, but not form curious eyes. Caused a one vehicle photographer jam, when a driver stopped to make sure all was good. A puzzled look came over his face, when I told him I was just taking pictures of flowers. Maybe I should have shown him a picture.

Until next moment,