Storm Mountain

I was on the highway headed west early in the morning, when I noticed the moon in the sky. Still some time before the morning light would be touching the mountains in the Bow Valley. The sky was clear, so I wanted the half moon to play role in the picture. Got off the highway 1 and took the bridge at Castle Junction to continue west on the 1A. After going for few more kilometers I was seeing what I wanted. The moon was over Storm Mountain and the mountain was lit up with the morning light. 

 Stepped out of the warm car to find a spot which would give me a look above the trees, luck except for few trees. As the Robins and Juncos sang their morning songs, I was able to take the attached picture of Storm Mountain. Named by George Mercer (one of Canada's great scientist) Dawson, who also gave the same name to a mountain in Kananaskis. Both named because number of storm clouds were seen on the summit.

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