Bird Count Day

Many were out today in the Bow Valley, participating in the 2009 Christmas bird count. Each group were given their section to walk, to explore and to count the birds they could identify. The group I was part of had a slow start, we spotted Ravens right away, but we had to do some walking before we came across flock of Gray crowned Rosy Finches and then little bit later American Dippers. After meeting a group coming from the opposite side, we moved on until we stopped to have lunch surrounded by the beauty around us. Before we ate we had spotted a Belted Kingfisher and another Dipper. 

After lunch came the fun part, bushwhacking through the willow shrubs. Along the way we were rewarded with the sunlight lighting up the mountains all around us and more birds, Boreal Chickadees, Mountain one as well and a Kinglet. Soon after we came across or should I say toward us, a large flock of Bohemian Waxwings. You think I would have had enough pictures of them from November. Always room for more. Number of them were sitting top of a aspen as if they were leaves. We continue our journey, spotting other birds, Pine Grosbeaks, Junko and more. Another fun day in the mountains.

Until next moment,