Bohemian Waxwing

For part of November I had been busy taking pictures of the Bohemian Waxwings, as they been busy eating every bit of food they could find on the trees. Most years the leaves fall of the trees, making it easier to capture the birds with the camera. But this year with the sudden cold spell in October,  abscission did not take place, thus many of the deciduous trees are still holding on to most of their leaves.

The birds were too busy eating, perhaps a better word should be gorging, I was able to get close without having them scared off. There was one time on a four meter tall Mountain Ash, between 30 to 40 waxwings were busy eating and moving around, casing the leaves to make the same sound as wind was going through. 

Then there was another time when I was busy standing close to a tree taking pictures of one waxwing, all of sudden ear-full of waxwings flew right past me onto the tree. Then in few minutes they all looked as if heading for me but only to turn at the last second to head for the top of tree behind me. Even with 250 pictures of waxwings on my hard drive,only ten percent of the total pictures I taken of these wonderful birds. I'm still looking forward to capturing them again next year.

Until next moment,