Cascade River

I'm alway looking for new places to take pictures of the same mountain. Spend lot of time with maps, looking for spots along trails, rivers, lakes. etc.. I'll always be taking pictures form the well known locations, but when I find that not so well know location to take pictures from. I not only get a picture with a unique view, but learn how diverse and unique the mountains are. Each mountain, each valley, each river, each lake has many stories to tell. You just need to spend the time exploring.

I was exploring the  Cascade River below Minnewanka Lake, river's power was greatly reduced with the three dams built since 1895 along Minnewanka. But it still plays an important role to it's surrounding and the many life forms that rely on it. I came across the Cascade Power Plant that was built in 1912 and closed in 1941. Saw the beautiful fall that friends had told me about.  But also another spot to capture the beauty of Cascade Mountain. 

Until next moment,