Common Mergansers

Morning sunlight had come in contact with the Bow River, as some of the birds started to gather middle of a wide section of the river. Mallard couple on the far end, having a loud conversation among themselves as they passed by pair of American Wigeon. In the middle were pair of Barrow's Goldeneye, female standing on top of a dead tree sticking out of water and the male floating nearby with its head resting on its back. 

Then highlighted by the sunlight, along came the Common Mergansers, swimming by in their lovely colours. The male with an iridescent, greenish head, with white neck, under parts, and secondaries against black upper wings, gray black and tail. Its better half looking quite smart with a rusty-brown head, with a long crest and distinct white chin patch, gray breast, back, wings and tail, white flanks and belly. Of course both having a long narrow serrated orange bill thats used to grasp one of the mergansers favorite food, small fishes. The mergansers were too busy to stop, but I was able to capture a keeper as they made their way.

Until next moment,