Cultural and Natural

In November of this year it will be 125 years for Banff National Park, 125 years for the National Park System, and it all started at the Cave and Basin NHSC. I'll often try to come up with pictures that has the historic site in it and the park that started there. Since I did not have a helicopter available to me, I can only put part of the site that would define the whole. The bathing pavilion does just that. As well the building grounds the picture, one can easily imagine standing at the site and looking at the surroundings in this picture.

To say the surroundings and the views around the site are beautiful, is a major under statement. One can easily come up with a book of pictures, all taken just at the site. Light is everything in a picture, and on this cloudy and cold morning, I did not think the warm morning light was going to come through. It had just stopped snowing and the clouds were starting to break up. Before long the light hit the Cascade mountain in the background. I quickly went about taking pictures from few position before the light changed or disappeared all together. After about eight minutes the light did disappear and I packed up and went to find a place to warm up.

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