Fairholme Range

One of the great gift evolution has given us is the ability to walk, taking one step at a time. For me its the perfect pace for my eyes to find the pictures I want to take while my feet follow the trail. Often drifting toward a know destination or exploring finding new spots to take pictures form. In some cases keeping these spots back of my head for future returns. I have never had a bad walk or hike in the mountains, no matter the weather. Weather is only there to tell us what to wear. 

I would not mind if on each visit, my feet were on a  trail I had not stepped on before, as there are many among the mountains. But having limited time for hikes, trails close to the home get multiply uses. I was on one of these trails, walking along the river, every now and then stopping to listen to the birds that will be spending their winter in the mountains. The daylight was coming to an end, but before it left it was producing a warm glow top of Fairholme Range and the clouds above it. I stepped off the trail and got along side the frozen river to find a location for the picture I wanted to take. Soon after the light left for other ranges.

Until next moment,