Glacier Lily

Flowers, flowers and more flowers, there everywhere. With the help from all the rain we received and sunshine we're getting now, hope to see lot of them this summer. My focus has been on landscape and birds most of the year so far,   taken very few pictures of the beautiful flowers found in the mountains. The last few times I been out there, I made sure to stop and take pictures of the flowers. The day I took the attached picture, I was exploring a area that was part of a old road near Peyto Lake. My eyes were attracted to the flowers in the forest, and mosquitoes there were attracted to me. I had forgotten my spray, so I was dong lot of hand waving as I went around taking pictures. It was fun spending hour and half in the forest, got pictures I was happy with and gave blood at the same time. I have agive and take relationship with nature.

Until next moment,