Grizzly Bear

It was a young adult grizzly, looking for grain on the railway tracks. It took a quick look at me and went about its business, while I looked around making sure I had my exit planned. There was good amount of space between us, I settled down and snapped few pictures of the grizzly until I heard the west bound train whistle.  Train, grain and grizzly are not a good combination. Hoped the bear would be off the tracks soon, train got closer and the bear not even taking a look in the direction of the coming train. I move back in case the bear makes a run for it in my direction, but the bear still looking for grain. I had walked that section of the track, not much grain to find, but this bear was finding what it needed. Train is getting closer, ripples in the water from the vibration, geese can't be heard, I stop looking at the bear through the camera and now the bear looks toward the train. Then it turns away from the coming train, takes few quick steps on the tracks before getting off. Within few seconds of getting of the tracks, the train comes through.

I called dispatch regarding the bear, before taking more pictures of the birds.. About ten minutes later the bear was back, bottom half of it wet from where it ran to. It went back looking for food as it walked along the tracks, I started to walking toward my car after I lost site of it behind bushes.

This bear survived another day, hope it has a long life. Sadly we lost one of these beautiful creature to the train just few days ago.  Work continues making park safe for bears and other animals that call the mountains their home.

Until next moment,