Happy New Year

Most of the times I'm waken by the New Year fireworks, before getting back to dreamland. This year decided to capture few pictures of the fireworks taking place behind the Banff Administrator Building. Even though I was taking the back alley to my location for the pictures, still was passing quite a few in celebratory mood. Saw a friend outside the bar chatting, another runs by with a quick hello, couple arguing about something, a lady puts her arms around me while her friend takes a picture and more I normally sleep through. Two minutes to midnight I get to my location, middle of Banff Ave., by the island of snow with gathering crowds on both side of the street. Fireworks starts and I get to work, friends spot me and join me to watch the fireworks. Having them next to me made the occasion not so strange. We chatted after the show was over before I headed home to work on my New Year resolution, taking more pictures of nature. LOL!

Until next moment,