Mistaya Canyon

Few weeks back I had three days off in the row. What did I do, get up ay 3:30 AM, quick breakfast consisting of glass of juice and glass of milk with two bananas and I'm off to the car. I'm not a coffee drinker, so music is what I drink to wakes up the senses as I make my way into the mountains. As the morning starts getting brighter, dark outlines of the mountains is replaced with colours, getting excited as I start anticipating what I might come across. Never had a dull outing. When I'm just focused on photography, its me and nature, its what works for me when it comes to photography.  I like my brain and body to wander and interact with the surrounding. Mother nature always has something new to show me. Its a short walk to Mistaya Canyon, a quick 3 to 4 minute walk for me. But I ended up spending few hours exploring, talking this and other pictures.

Until next moment,