Moraine Lake

My Canada Day started this last Wednesday, when I visited Moraine Lake to capture the sunrise. It was windy and did not look like the light was going to come through the heavy clouds. When I saw a spot of light on one of the peaks around the lake, I got out of my car and started to head where I wanted to capture the image. I'm trying to stay away from where most of the pictures taken of this lake area. I got the images I wanted as the light started to come through as a Wilson Warbler kept me company. The water level was still below normal for the lake, gave me a chance to walk on area that's normally under water.  Spent the morning exploring, saw a marmot and a pika on land and Spotted Sandpiper who was enjoying the lake as well. Was entertained by two Harlequin Ducks for an hour, taking their pictures as they dived for food. The time at the lake ended taking pictures of Barn Swallows. Morning well spent, happy birthday Canada.

Until next moment,