Morning Light

Saturday November 28 was the 124th birthday of Banff National Park, for which Cave and Basin NHSC is the birthplace. Been very lucky, getting to work at two national historic sites and shared their history with visitors from all over Canada and beyond. Then on my off time, or should I say a fraction of my off time enjoying the national parks. Now you don't see people in my pictures, good chance that will continue. Its not that I hate people, some my friends are people. Its just one of my favorite way to enjoy nature is one on one. Exploring the mountains for which creation process started some 800 millions years ago in the Pacific Ocean. 

For the attached picture, it was  a cool early morning, standing beside the Bow River. Waiting for the morning light to make contact with the Massive Range located to the right. As I waited a unidentified water fowl kept moving from me as a male mallard kept going in circles to the right of me. The clouds were starting to build up and light was not going to hit the range. I took my eyes off the mule deer in the distance crossing the river and started taking pictures as the clouds lit up. As all of this was going on, there had been noise coming from the forest behind me. After standing by the river for 45 minutes, I packed up and started to move out. Ahead of me I heard quick movement of an animal, never saw it, but it was a deer form the tracks I saw in the snow. This is my way of enjoying the national parks, being only able to give fraction of my time, but in return they give my enough until I'm back to connect again. Happy birthday Banff.

Until next moment,