Mount Ishbel

I was not far from the road, standing near the forest and looking toward the top of the mountain. The sun was setting with the clouds coming and passing. I waited for the sunlight to sneak past and light the mountain. With my hands in the pockets, I waited and watched. My car was parked in a space next to an exhibit panel, I could hear cars slowing down and then speeding away, but some started to stop next to my car. The people were looking at me, wondering what I was looking at, I imagined. Was there something in the forest? Without looking in the direction, I could hear someone slowly walking toward me. I guess hopping to locate the possible animal I was looking at. The question was going to be asked, I decided I would give a straight answer. As the person got closer more cars started to stop, I was causing a photographer jam. I decided to look toward the person coming slowly near me with a camera in her hands, ready to take a picture of what ever that was going to pop out of the forest.  “Hello”, I said

She asked “what are you looking at in the woods?” My camera on the tripod was slightly facing up, I said “I'm looking at the mountain”. “What, a mountain goat?” she responded. “I’m waiting for the light to come through the clouds, so I can take a landscape picture”, I answered back.  “Ohhh” she said with a sad face, took a picture and head for her car. The word got around and one by one the cars left the area. I put my hands back in the pockets and waited quietly.  The light arrived soon after, softly touching the mountain.

Until next moment,