Mount Rundle at Night

I'm a early riser, makes it easier to chase the morning light. But that means I'm in bed between 9:30 and 10 pm.  With shorter days the night comes early, I decided few weeks ago to head to the Vermilion Lakes to take pictures of the night sky. I was  standing next to the First Vermilion Lake with darkness all around me, before I turned off the car 's head lights I made sure there were no animals nearby. Well, I told my self there was nothing nearby.

I wanted the exposure  to be long enough to capture the starts and be able to make out Rundle and Tunnel Mountains being lit up by Town of Banff lights. But not too long of a exposure, that would have the stars streaking in the picture. I played and experimented with the aperture and the ISO of my camera. I set the aperture to f2.8, meaning the lens are open as far as it can to let in as much light into the camera as possible. The higher the ISO number, the more sensitive the sensor of the camera would be, also means more grainy the picture. ISO that worked for me was 3200, most pictures you seen from me have ISO of 200. In the end I decided to expose the sensor of the camera for 30 seconds. With some play on the computer I got the attached shot, looking up to the beautiful night sky.

Until next moment,