Mount Stephen

One of the things I like about living where I like  do my photography, is I can always go back to an area to keep trying to get a better picture of the subject. The first time I took a picture of Mount Stephen was when I went to Yoho National Park to take pictures of Takakkaw Falls this summer. As I was leaving the Yoho Valley, I liked the view of Mount Stephen I was seeing but the morning light was gone. I decided to scout the area for future visit.

The next chance I had to take picture of Mount Stephen, great light but cloudless sky did not do it for me. A week passed and I was back along Kicking Horse River waiting for the sunrise. Light comes in contact with the mountain but again clear sky, not for long, this time clouds were moving in. Just hoped they would move into position before the early light was replaced. As I waited, I looked around for even a better foreground. Found a balsam poplar branch leaning over the river. Everything was in place, I snapped few pictures before the clouds made their way out of the frame. But this is not the end, never is, will be back again to see if I can get a better picture.

Until next moment,