Numa Mountain

As many were being surprised the morning of the 25th at home, mother nature was waiting to surprise me outside. The goal was to head for 93 north for the morning of Christmas, to capture the first light and go for a hike afterward. The temperature was about minus 16 outside the home and the same for the area I was headed for. Part way there came to a realization I was not going to make there in time and decided to head for 93 south instead, Kootenay National Park to be specific. I found a spot to wait for the morning light to meet the mountains. It was about ten minutes of standing before I started to take pictures, felt the body losing heat, but kept taking pictures. After being out for half an hour I headed for the car, took a look at the thermometer on my pack, it showed the temperature being minus 29.

Had prepared for the my original destination and not checked for temperature where I ended up. Needed some extra time to warm up the toes and the fingers but continued exploring the valley along the Vermilion River. Cold did not leave but once the sun hit the bottom of the valley it made all the difference. Walking through an area looking like winter wonderland I quickly forgot when the extremities were feeling the cold. The mountains were in generous mood with the views that day.

Until next moment,