I was visiting my friends the Ospreys, one of the adult was sitting on the nest and the other probably fishing. Before I knew it there were two more going through the neighborhood, one with a small fish in its talons. Shortly after that the other adult I was visiting went by with a larger fish. I was not able to take a picture of it flying by, it was between the sun and I, not good for my eyes.  But I saw the direction it was headed, off I went to locate it. We have an agreement, I can take as many pictures I want as long as I don’t ask for a bite. It was a large fish, it had to balance itself few times as the fish kept sliding off the branch. In the attached pictures it’s trying to balance itself using its wings. I thought it may share the fish with its mate. Not this time, it ate the whole fish as I ate my trail mix and took pictures.

Until next moment,