Red winged Blackbird

There are many indicators of season changing, weather just being one of them. The one I been having fun noticing and taking pictures of, are the birds coming back. With each week there are more and more bird sounds in mountains. Slowly the melting ice and snow on land and water is being replaced with these wonderful creatures. There never seems to be enough time to hear and see them all, but perhaps that's the way it should be. For nature to reveal itself, requires time and patience form those who want to see its wonders. Each season I spend more and more time on the trails, gaining knowledge that will lead me to the birds I want to learn about, and birds I want to take pictures of.

Always looking for birds I have not seen before, but also happy to see the ones I have. Even the birds I have hundreds of pictures, have lot to teach. There is great amount of fun to watch as they react with they're surrounding and with each other.

I was spending the morning taking pictures of the sunrise near the Vermilion Lakes, with the intention of taking pictures of Red winged Blackbirds afterward. Knowing from previous years where they would be and where I needed to be for the picture I wanted. After spending about thirty minutes near two males, I left with more knowledge and the pictures I wanted. But I hope to see them again, still lot of curiosity to satisfy and to find more ways to capture their beauty.

Until next moment,