Rocky Mountain House NHS

I spent few days in Rocky Mount House, about a three hour drive from Banff. Was there to take in the Bastions and Bones weekend at the Rocky Mountain House Historic Site. Sites across Canada are wonderful place to learn the deep heritage of Canada, but during the event at RMH more opportunities to learn and more opportunities to experience something that may only take place during the event.

I got a chance to read, see and hear about the stories about the fur traders, explorers. A chance to learn about the culture of the Metis and even taste some of the traditional foods. One evening got a chance to take part in a talking circle, held in a tipi and led by the some of the leaders of the Pikani people.

Oh yes chance to take pictures as well, of the events and my favourite photography subject, nature. Site being next to North Saskatchewan River, containing forests, grassland and more. Saw and even took pictures of some of the many birds that can be found there, from Yellow Warblers to Sandhill Cranes. On my first morning there, with the heavy wildfire smoke still lingering in the sky, got to take pictures of the bisons located on the

I'm always trying to get a better understanding of the world, by getting a better understanding of each other and nature around us. After spending three days there, I took several steps in the right direction.

Until next moment,