Still Standing

It was early in the morning and the sunlight was starting to make its presence as I explored along the Vermilion River area in Kootenay National Park. There were clearly visible few days old bear tracks in the area, felt safe having my bear spray. Took few pictures as the light was coming down on Mount Verendrye. The river was starting to open up in the area with the several days of  above freezing temperature, stayed closed to the edge.

I was making my way toward Honeymoon Pass Trail as I enjoyed nature's ice sculptures along the river. Shortly after leaving the trailhead to head up the trail, I was surrounded by some of the 12.6% burned Kootenay National Park, caused by the fire that took place in the summer of 2003. I can still clearly remember driving through the area with a friend days after the fire had subsided by hard work from many and the changing weather. The once dominate forest green had given way to the grey colour everywhere we looked.

But fire is an important natural process of the ecosystem, takes life on one hand, giving back on the other.  Even on this day walking on knee to thigh high deep snow, among the standing dead trees, I could hear the sounds of wildlife and see tops of young pines that rely on fire to regenerate. Sun was starting to make an impact on the trail, I stopped to remove a layer before continuing my journey. On the trails my eyes were free to wander, taking in the visual images created by the light coming in contact with shapes and curves created by fire some seven years ago. I reached the location where I want to take my pictures I was hoping for. After taking in food and water, I went to work.

Until next moment,