The Boys

What does it mean when one says I like living in the mountains. I imagine there are just as many meaning as there are mountains. For me it's the whole thing, the mountains, the flora, fauna and more. Together they create something special, that something special occurred few weeks back. I had been seeing few bull elk hanging out together as I would be going from point A to B to C and back to A.

One late morning as I was making my way home, few cars were parked along the road as the passengers were taking pictures of two bull elk near the road. As I slowed down and passed them, I saw nine more elk not yet spotted just beyond the two. Quickly an image ran through my head of mountains, forest and elk. Not one to be part of the crowd, I drove on to a spot half a kilometer ahead where space was created to park my vehicle. Took my pack and started to walk toward the elk through the forest. Followed a faint trail and tracks left by the elk I was going to photograph. Shortly I was in the open, got a look by some of the elk before they went about their business. I took several pictures before leaning on a tree and watching the wilderness before me. After twenty minutes other visitors got out of their car and spotted the nine elk I was looking at. As they got their camera out, I went back into the forest back to my car.

Until next moment,