White breasted Nuthatch

I was surrounded by trees as I listened to the calls of White breasted Nuthatches somewhere above me. I moved around as I tried to pin point their location. Noticed a Downy Woodpecker but too high and branches in the way, I continued searching for the nuthatches. I spotted one high above, snapped few pictures but waited to see if it would come closer. There was a Raven on one of the tree, kept calling out, but I kept focused on the nuthatches.

Saw an another Raven flying toward our direction, holding food in its bill. Wondered if it would see the first Raven before it was too late and would be chased by the resting Raven for its food. The second Raven noticed the first Raven and changed direction, but not before the first Raven noticed the food and the air chase was on.

Neither one of the nuthatches were getting closer, but I still waited, camera ready in hand. Two chickadees came into the area, took few pictures but were bit blurry as they were in the shade and moving fast.

I started to move toward a tree, something was moving at eye level on the shaded part of the trunk. I looked through the camera and it was one of the White breasted Nuthatch. With the camera to my eye I positioned myself to take the picture as soon as it would come into the light. There was no certainty it would, but I needed to be ready. Patience was rewarded for few seconds, as half of it came into the light with the classic nuthatch poise. Was happy to get the picture I wanted and even happier to get the light spot in its eye.

Until next moment,