Chephren Lake Hike

Few weeks back friend and I were trying to reach Chephren Lake as the early light was coming up. It got brighter as we got closer and top of Howse Peak and Mount Chephren looked beautiful with their tops bathing in the light. Wind was calm and was hoping to get the reflection off the Chephren Lake, but when we reached the lake everything was ready except the light was being blocked by clouds.  We took in the lake and its surrounding as we waited for the light to come through. After a short wait it all came together and we were able to take the pictures with calm lake, giving us a great reflection of the nearby range.

On the way to the lake we kept our eyes looking ahead to where we were heading, but on the way back with the area lit up as the sun was much higher. The eyes were looking down to the ground, which was filled with mushrooms. That day I saw more mushrooms and more variety then all my hikes put together, thanks to regular dose of rain this summer. We probably took twice as long hiking out as we stopped and explored all the different species that came in our path. Also along the way got to see a Spruce Grouse. Once again you can plan where you hike, but nature decides what you will experience.

Until next moment,