The rut season has started for the elk, few weeks back I saw some the bulls that were getting ready for this main event. I was driving back home on the 1A, when I saw several vehicles ahead, parked on the side of the road and middle of the road. Seven elk were the reason for the jam, four large adult bulls in their prime stood out.  Out the four one with a rock star hairdo was getting the most attention, he was half way though losing his velvet. I was not going to make it through the vehicles, so decided to park to the side and watch the people and elk as I held my camera leaning on my car. Most people were keeping their distance from the elk, few had to be asked to move back and one got a “get out of there”. There were few different reactions to the elk: some were staying safe in their car, some were mimicking what they were seeing, some were admiring these amazing animals but all were taking pictures. That day we all got a back stage pass before the performers went on stage.

Until next moment,