Near Helen Lake Trail

Most of my landscape pictures are taken with the light of a sunset or a sunrise. This low light produces a better contrast between shadow and light. Sunset and sunrise light is horizontal, parallel to the horizon, giving the landscape a three dimensional feel. The horizontal light also has to go through various layers of dust, haze and in some cases pollution. This reduces the intensity of the light, producing a softer look when it comes in contact with the landscape. The filtering of light going through various layers, removing much of the green and blue part of the visible light, leaving mainly the red part of the light, thereby producing light with warm look and feel. 

But with that said, the camera should not be put away between sunrise and sunset for landscape photography. In the winter the sunlight is hitting the northern hemisphere at a much lower angle then it would in the summer, producing a longer window for landscape photography. As well snow and rocks produce nice contrast between each other, contrast magnified when the colours are removed.

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