Fly By

Today the annual Christmas Bird Count took place, as it does throughout North America and parts of South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Island. The team I was part of, was counting the birds along the Vermilion Lakes and Fenland Trail, just outside of town of Banff. The temperature was above normal, but the wind was howling. Bird count started slow, but before long we came across Mallards and Green winged Teals, soon followed by a single female Common Goldeneye. Before a small break we saw several Pine Siskins. Ravens were spotted through out the day, as were Mountain and Black capped Chickadees. Few other spices were encountered before we hit lunch. Afterward we're lucky enough to see a Merlin top of a tree with a Bald Eagle flying over. Toward the end we came across Pine Grosbeaks and a single Northern Shrike. Then it was time to go home and change and head over to join other participants for dinner, add up the totals form the day and share few laughs.

Until next moment,