It was a moment you can only experience few places in the world, one of those places is in the Canadian national parks. I was making my way home after playing at the North end of Banff National Park, when I came across not one but six wolves. They were the members of the Bow Valley Pack and were heading toward the forest  through the open meadow. There were four pups and two adults. The alpha female Faith was great to watch, full of confidence of her surrounding and at all time aware of the pups as they made their way across the road and open meadow. I could have watched her all day, she was a beautiful mom, I was in love. 

 As they were crossing the open meadow, there were four young bull elk nearby. All elk had their eyes on the wolves, there was not going to be a chase that day. Two pups made few steps toward the elk, but quickly and understandably got back and followed the pack into the forest. Faith, standing on the side of the road, watched the pack and occasionally looked toward me, once realizing all was well joined the pack.