I recalled few years back visitors to the mountain parks came up to me and asked: "We're visiting the mountains for two weeks, a week has passed and all the mountains look the same, is there anything else to do?" After talking with them and asking questions, found out they were just looking at the covers of different books and were not taking the time to read any of them. Just driving on the road looking at the views and hoping something would happen. I made some suggestion where they could get out and explore and keep their eyes open for certain flora and fauna. Never saw them again, but always hopped their second week was better then the first. 


I have been living in the mountains for over 18 years and still can get enough. There are times when I'm in my car and driving on the mountain roads, but only when I'm on my feet do all my senses starting working overtime and start connecting with the surrounding. A new year is just around the corner, hoping to spend more time exploring the mountains then I have during the current one.

Until next moment,