Say" Phoebe

Couple of great days for participating in my favorite activity, walking.Might have over did it, feet are very tired. Discomfort is easy to handle when there is reward, in the form nature, always inspiring. Few days back I was visiting Rocky Mountain house NHS and was able to get images of Say's Phoebe and Tree Swallows. Then yesterday across Dark eyed Junco next to the Bow River, along side Marsh Loop. On the way back to the trail head, saw a Western Tanager by the Sundance Trail.

 Today in the morning I was on the Vermilion Road, hoping to see the swans that have been hanging out on 1st Vermilion Lake, still too far away to get a good image. Hopped over to walk along the Two Jack Canal and got images of Bufflehead Ducks flying. After a small break I was back to the Vermilion Road , as I started my walk, I looked in the direction a Northern Flicker was calling. Nearby I saw for my first time, a Lewis's Woodpecker. Continued my walk and captured images of Yellow rumped Warblers and Red winged Blackbirds.

Tree Swallow

Dark eyed Junco

Western Tanager

Bufflehead Ducks

Lewis's Woodpecker

Yellow rumped Warbler

Male Red winged Blackbird

Female Red winged Blackbird

Until next moment,