Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler

I was having lunch with a friend when I got a call from a another friend about a Palm Warbler being spotted next to the First Vermilion Lake, near the Town of Banff. 1974 was the last spring record of Palm Warbler in Banff National Park. Soon after lunch I headed for the location. Parked the car, grabbed the camera and ate chocolate to sharpen the vision to find a 10 g (0.36 oz) bird. I decided to walk around in the area and take pictures of what was around me and hopefully would come across Pam Warbler. Grabbed a picture of a Columbia Ground Squirrel, followed by Clay colored Sparrow and Chipping Sparrow. 


Half hour passed when I saw a flash of yellow on top of a shrub, I thought I had missed my chance as it flew father away. I waited and was pleasantly rewarded, few minutes later just front of me was the Palm Warbler. It stayed around the large shrub eating flies that were there. Which gave me a chance to get better and better pictures, time well spent.

Columbia Ground Squirrel

Clay colored Sparrow

Chopping Sparrow

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