Barred Owl

I was standing next to small wetland trying to take picture of Red winged Blackbirds, Common Yellowthroats and other birds that came into the area. The mosquitoes were taking a shot at me each time I took a picture. A short walk behind me, in the forest I could hear the call of an owl, a Barred Owl. It was cloudy and I thought there would not be enough light to take pictures of the owl, even if I could locate it. Clouds opened up and decided to go look for the owl. It kept calling out every few minutes, making it easier for me to locate it. Even with the clouds letting the late daylight into the forest, it just wasn't enough. Having no tripod, I found a location that gave me the best framing and leaned against a tree for stability and took few images each time I breathed out. After I got my pictures, I went back to the wetland and the owl had closed its eyes and turned away from me.

Until next moment,