I saw her in the wetland as I was driving home late in the day. Quickly found a place to park the car away from the road, then I started to think how I could get near her for a good picture. I wanted to get close enough to get the picture but not close enough to disturb her from eating. I approached her round about way, looking for a dry path. The mosquitoes were waiting for me, how could they resist the chocolate rich blood. Camera in hand, moving closer and closer, finding dry parts to step on. One slip and I would be in water and mud. I was close enough and she was still eating and having a look at me every now and then. I found a fallen dead tree to stand on, taking her pictures as the mosquitoes tried to go for my hands and face. For few seconds she stood still, looking straight at me with her ears turned toward me. I got my pictures and slowly made my way out, and she went about her business.

Until next moment,