Mistaya River

I was exploring the Upper Waterfowl Lake area, getting some exercise and enjoying the solitude. Was seeing various indicators on the snow of wildlife, but nothing fresh and definitely nothing moving front of my eyes. I kept walking and kept exploring as I moved away from the lake and started to walk along the Mistaya River. It was a cold morning and moving was important, but plans changed when sunlight  started to streak through the dark low clouds. The light was low and was causing long shadows, a photo opportunity. I rushed to locate a place to take a picture before the conditions changed. The light was coming through the clouds, mountains in view, calm flowing river and ground covered by snow, with grass covered with frost was going to be my grounding subject. It was time to take a picture. Got low to the ground with the camera and the tripod and took the attached picture. Then it was time to explore more.

Until next moment,