There I was face to face with a young healthy male moose. It's ears and eyes focused on me, trying to figure me out. With moss and dirt on one antler, a small dead branch on the other and middle of a rut season with high hormone level, he was not having a good morning. With the river behind me and it front of me, I needed to stay calm and find my way to safety without having to change my underwear. My heartbeat was up and only rose higher as it started to grunt. Looking back at that crazy morning, it did not lower its head and at no time its hackles were up, two major signs of agitation. It did not come toward me right away, moving around me and always at  least one eye on me. For every step it took, I took few more, after about fifteen minutes it and I had switched position. I backed into the forest as it slowly took steps toward me, then it stopped moving and grunting. I then decided to make a move away from the area, bringing an end to a very exciting morning.  

Until next moment,